Environmental Management

Environmental management includes the management of human activities that affect our environment, communities, security and health cares in and out of work. To contribute to organizations in the implementation of measures towards the conservation of a sustainable environment.


Design and implementation of environment management systems, security and occupational health

ZAREY Consultores has the capacity and skills to plan, document, implement and maintain Management Systems in different areas, especially those that involve standardization and subsequent certification under a standard with international or national recognition, especially:

– Environmental Management System under ISO 14001 Standard

– Occupational Health and Safety Management System under the ISO 45001 standard

The previously mentioned allows to contribute to develop the level of competitiveness of each company, promoting the improvement of their Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and implementation of efficient management systems based on international standards, in order to deliver added value to your market through its products and services.

Internal management system audits

Audits are a systematic, independent and documented process to obtain evidence and evaluate each and every one of them objectively, in order to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are met.

Audits help to implement, maintain and improve management systems, increase the staff self-confidence, and allow to know and improve internal productivity inside the organization.

ZAREY Consultores has extensive experience in the development of management system audits developed both internally, in conjunction with the internal auditors of a company and / or public service, as well as externally and in the development of certification audits and of maintenance, as national experts.

Evaluation of environmental legal compliance, safety and health at work.

In this area, ZAREY Consultores offers its clients an evaluation of compliance, through the development of specific matrices for the various processes or/and the development of specific checklists for compliance with the main application and compliance standards. The environmental qualification resolutions that allow the development of its activities.

These processes are accompanied by ongoing training and education processes according to the needs and requirements of the client.

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Legal Compliance Audit

ZAREY Consultores, offers its clients audits of compliance with regulations applicable regulations to each company, through a documented verification process, consisting of obtaining objective evidence and evaluation of such evidence, to determine if the company struggle with the legal standards associated with its activities.

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Project management in the environmental impact assessment system

Declarations and environmental impact studies are instruments that reflect the incorporation of these conceptions in national legislation as well as in business management itself.

ZAREY Consultores, has developed extensive experience in the execution and supervision of relevance analysis, as well as the specialized review of studies and declarations of environmental impact, so that the projects consider, from their design, the environmental and social impacts, implementing mitigation, repair and / or compensation measures, as well as adapting environmental monitoring and monitoring plans.

In this area, specialized advice is offered on the specialized review of studies and environmental impact statements.

Verification of compliance with environmental commitments and obligations - RCA´s

Additionally, rooting the latest modifications introduced to the Environmental Bases Law, it is a requirement that project owners entered into the Environmental Assessment System (SEIA), through an Environmental Impact Statement, may include, at their cost, The commitment to undergo a process of evaluation and certification of conformity, regarding compliance with applicable environmental regulations and the conditions on which the project or activity is favorably qualified.

It is possible to develop verification processes that are required to present the new Environmental Institution together with the presentation of their respective environmental projects. It is also possible to develop processes to verify compliance with environmental obligations and environmental regulations applicable to projects entered the SEIA, as in the case of Environmental Impact Studies.

Identification and processing of environmental permits

ZAREY Consultores, offers its customers services of identification and processing of environmental, sectoral and other requirements, such as Sectorial and Non-Sectoral Environmental Permits, the Hazardous Waste Management Plan, sanitary reports or others that are necessary for the development of their productive activities and / or services.

Strategic Permit Plan

ZAREY Consultores elaborates and develops a strategic planning of permits and authorizations, so that they do not represent a risk for organizations and that the projects are developed in full compliance with the applicable regulations and give the business its own value.

Due Diligence

A Due Diligence study is a type of research that combines documentary analysis and field studies to establish the amount of investment.

It is carried out as a preliminary step to commercial transactions both by buyers – to know the risks to which they are exposed – and by sellers – to avoid that environmental problems can reduce the value of their property.

Due Diligence studies are carried out in continuous phases, each one contemplating the different aspects of a project in order to cover all aspects that allow reducing the risk during the acquisition of the project and its subsequent development.

The studies are designed on the basis of the results obtained in the previous stages and involve the definition of the type of field work to be carried out in each case, including adequate sampling to obtain representative results.

Due Diligence considers at least the review of:

– Existence of contract during the development of the Project

– Tenders (if they exist)

– Legal Corporate Information

– Accounting history and financial information

– Litigation and contingency stocks

– All permits and authorizations for the project, its concessions and authorizations issued by the competent authorities

– Labor contracts or contracts concluded for fees

– Information related to property and related to insurance and intellectual property.