ZAREY Consultants is a company founded on 2006, with an innovative vision about environmental project management, that offers integral solutions to all processes and their integration with the environment.


Taking Action:
What we know with certainty over the years: There is an unmeasurable damage in our environment. You have a lot of information, little certainty and little action.

On the other hand:
There is a risk in the act of raising your voice for what is good and different. Trust is built with honest, bilateral and transparent ties. Does it sound demanding? Well it is.

That’s why in Zarey:
We want to create, think, innovate, trust, believe. We want to be different. We want to contribute to the environmental management of our environment by contributing responsibly and with creative solutions.


To be a consulting company specialized in environmental project management.

Provide a service of excellence and commitment, which meets the needs of our customers in a comprehensive manner, generating bonds of trust that allow us to accompany them in their challenges in the medium and long term.

Maintain a sustained growth that will strengthen the foundations of our services and our position in environmental management of projects at national and international level, permanently incorporating innovation in the development of their activities.

Provide our workers with a stimulating environment that allows them to grow and develop ethically and professionally.


Be recognized nationally and internationally in terms of environmental management of projects for delivering a comprehensive and quality service to our customers, adding value to their businesses and activities.

They have trusted us